Best Wakeboards For 2018

There are many different types of wakeboards out there, each one designed for a particular style of riding. How to choose the perfect wakeboard for you then? Don’t worry. We made a buying guide along with a selection of the 10 best wakeboards to help you in the process.

Top10Slide’s selection of the 10 best wakeboards:

Product Image
Ronix Vault 128$$$8.9/10

Hyperlite State 2.0$$8.7/10

Ronix One ATR$$$8.9/10

Hyperlite Murray 2017$$$9.0/10

Liquid Force Remedy$$$$9.0/10

Hyperlite Baseline 

Slingshot Pill$$$9.2/10

Hyperlite Murray 2018$$$$9.3/10

Slingshot Response$$$9.2/10

Aqua Extreme$8.8/10

Buying Guide


Unlike most boardsports, what mainly matters when choosing a wakeboard is your weight, it will determine the length of your board.

In fact, in other board sports such as skateboarding, riding longboard or snowboarding, the size is generally determined by your size rather than your weight.

But it makes sense. The wakeboard is designed to float. Therefore, you need a board that is long enough to make you float. Boards that don’t float properly are a nightmare for riders; it will kill all the fun and the learning curve.

Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to ride a particular longboard size forever, but there’s a size range in which you will feel much more comfortable.

Take a look at this size chart.

Size chart

  • If you weight less than 100 lbs (45 kg): the perfect board length range is anything less than 51.1 inches (130 cm) long.
  • 90 to 150 lbs (41 – 68 kg): 51.1 and 52.7 inches (130 – 134 cm)
  • 130 to 180 lbs (59 – 81 kg): 53.1 and 54.7 inches (135 – 139 cm)
  • 170 to 250 lbs (77 – 113 kg): 55.1 and 56.6 inches (140 – 144 cm)
  • 200 to 275 lbs (90 – 124 kg): > 56.6 inches (144 cm)

As you can notice from the chart above, you have different length possibilities according to weight. Whether you like riding a slightly shorter or longer board is personal preferences.

Are you new to wakeboarding?

Here are few things you should know before choosing your board.

Shorter boards are usually slower and offer less control on the water, especially for beginners. This is because shorter boards won’t hold your weight as easily. However, they provide much more control in the air. If you like jumps, shorter boards are more comfortable to spin with.

Conversely, longer boards will make you float better and go faster. They provide more control on the water, but less stability in the air. It’s better to start wakeboarding with a slightly longer board.

Base Shapes


When it comes to choosing the shape of your wakeboard, you have to keep in mind 2 simple things.

  • Rounded tail and tip shapes will let the water slide smoother on the board, providing more speed but less snap (perfect for beginners).
  • Square tail and tip shapes will provoke more water drag, providing greater snap but less speed


Fins are like stabilizers; they help you steer the board and get more stable.

  • Featureless wakeboards are like snowboards; their base is free from any fins which gives riders a tough time steering the board but certainly gives them more smoothness and butteriness for the tricks and slides.
  • Molded fins are located on the tip and tail of the wakeboard. They provide stability and better steering. The size of molded fins can vary, providing more or less grip to the water. We recommend starting with longer molded fins; they will give you more control and confidence.

Best Wakeboards molded fins

  • Removable fins are located on the tip and tail, or in the middle of the tail. Because they are removable, you can change the fin’s sizes. Allowing the rider to adapt is setup to the type of ride he wants to have.

Best Wakeboards molded fins

  • The center Spine looks like a tiny fin going across the entire board. By pushing the water to the edges off the board, it will allow smoother landings.


  • A continuous rocker refers to a fluid curve from tail to tip. Continous rocker wakeboards provide higher speeds and better stability in the turns (suitable for beginners).
  • 3-stage rocker refers to a 3 face curve from tail to tip. 3-Stage rockers wakeboard give more snap allowing the riders to jump easier.
  • Hybrid rocker wakeboards are in between a continuous and 3-stage rocker. Instead of a 3-stage rocker, it’s like a progressive stage rocker. These wakeboards offer the best of both worlds, with higher speeds and stability, riders usually like hybrid rocker wakeboards.


Softly rounded edges are perfect for beginners, providing less snap and more forgiveness.  Hard cut edges, on the other hand, provide more grip to the water allowing riders to do sharper turns. Hard cut edges will also give more snap for jumps and grabs.


  • Fiberglass: Most of the level entry wakeboards are made out of fiberglass. They offer a good resistance and buoyancy but they aren’t so rigid.
  • Carbon fiber: On the other hand, premium wakeboards usually come in carbon fiber components. They’re more light and stiff, giving the rider an increased feeling for the board.
  • Fiberglass and Carbon fiber: Standard fiberglass wakeboards stiffened with carbon fiber stringers provide extra rigidity to your setup.


The wakeboard maintenance is pretty straightforward, rinse your board after every session if you use it in the sea. Avoid to leave your wakeboard under the sun for an extended period; it will affect the material’s properties of the board (just like clothes).

Store your board in a dry and cool location and preferably in a storage bag to avoid any impacts. Also, if you could use that bag or a travel bag to transport your wakeboard, you will prevent any unnecessary damages.

The 10 best wakeboards

1 – Ronix Vault 128 

We selected the Vault 128 wakeboard from Ronix because it’s a company devoted to innovating the wake industry and it’s among the top 5 best wakeboard brands out there.

The Vault 128 is similar to the other Vault boards, but with a lighter glass layup. This board has a finner profile and a new rocker line.

The overall feel of the board is a much lighter board, allowing more control in the air as well as on the water. The rider will also have a more centered position.

This board, designed by Mike Ferraro, features a 3-stage rocker with sharper and thinner toeside rail and a vertical heelside rail.

Also, 2 fiberglass 1.7-inch hook fins come under the board for better steering and control.

The Vault 128 is 128 cm (50.3 inches) long and 2.3 inches (5 cm) high.

The Vault 128 is a great board to improve your jumps and slides; it will allow riders to evolve in the park without having to upgrade boards.


  • 2 Fiberglass hook fins
  • Asymmetrical rails


  • No carbon fiber parts


2 – Hyperlite State 2.0 

Hyperlite is probably one of the longest-standing brands in wakeboarding. It was created in 1991 and continuously improved the sport since then.

The Hyperlite State 2 is the perfect wakeboard for beginners wanting to improve their jump skills.

Its asymmetrical design with a shorter edge on the toes makes the jump learning process much more accessible!

The State 2 features an abrupt continuous rocker that offers that extra top speeds that riders seek.

The Bio 3 foam core wrapped in a layered glass monocoque construction offer by Hyperlite offer more impact resistance. Also, it’s a traditional construction that suits all levels of riders.

This wakeboard features 2 reinforced 3-inches molded fins for better control and steering.

Moreover, to improve resistance and comfort, Hyperlite featured M6 inserts and Molded Toe Side Footbed Risers.

The State 2 is available in different lengths: 125, 130, 135, 140 and 145 cm


  • Bio 3 foam core
  • Layered glass monocoque construction
  • M6 Inserts
  • Molded Toe Side Footbed Risers


  • Only 2 molded fins


3 – Ronix One ATR  

The One ATR from Ronix and Danny Harf, with its freeride shape, is loved by many riders. The One ATR is part of the One Series which continues to make sales record up to this date.

With an aggressive, yet affordable rocker line, the One ATR offers the responsiveness as premium carbon ATR models.

The explosive snap offered by the One ATR exceeds other 3-stage rocker boards.

The One ATR features a 3-stage rocker with 4 1-inch ramp fins and 8-inches fiberglass free agent fins. With deeper side vents and speedwalls, this board offers greater speeds with fewer efforts, allowing more extended sessions.

This board is available in 134, 138, 142 and 146 cm.


  • 1-Inch ramp fins
  • 8-inches fiberglass free agent fins


  • No carbon fiber parts


4 – Hyperlite Murray 2017 

This Hyperlite Murray wakeboard is the 20th wakeboard from the Murray series, and it’s still as successful among riders.

The Hyperlite Muray has a hybrid 3-stage rocker; it’s designed to reduce the flat spot between your feet but still provides enough pop to throw tricks in the air.

Built with the Bio 3 Core and CarvoNetX technology, Hyperlite offers a light and resistant board.

In fact, the crisscrossed fibers increase responsiveness and durability without compromising the lightweight of the board.

This wakeboard features a layered fiberglass monocoque with 4 0.8-inch P-wings

The board is available in different lengths: 134, 139, 144 and 150 cm.


  • 3-stage hybrid rocker
  • Layered Glass monocoque
  • Crisscrossed fibers
  • Crisscrossed fibers
  • CarvoNetX technology
  • 4 0.8-inch P-wings


  • No carbon fiber parts


5 – Liquid Force Remedy 

Aggressive riders love the Remedy wakeboard from Liquid Force. The thinner profile and the split tail are offering incredible grip for sharper turns.

Its stiff PU-core and 3-stage rocker provide a more significant amount of pop while its 4 fins setup offer higher grip and bite for those fast turns.

The Remedy features the FlexTrack technology from Liquid Force. It provides flexible binding tracks that allow the rider to twist its posture for better carves and slides.

The board is made with Pro Glass Layup, which is a fiberglass weave that gives more control and responsiveness to riders.

This board is destined to advanced riders.

The Remedy wakeboard is available in different lengths: 134, 138 or 142 cm.


  • 4 fins setup
  • PU-core
  • FlexTrack technology
  • Split Tail


  • Requires advanced level


6 – Hyperlite Baseline 

Hyperlite and Shaun Murray developed the Baseline series from Hyperlite; they worked to design the perfect board for beginners.

Its continuous rocker will provide higher speed with fewer efforts. It will still offer a right amount of pop thanks to its surface area.

This wakeboard has a wide profile, but with thinner tip and tail thickness, providing smoother landings.

Meanwhile, the Biolite 3 Core technology from Hyperlite makes the board light and resistant.

The layered glass monocoque construction is available in different weights according to the board’s size.

Also, the Baseline features 2 8-inches P-wing fins providing the perfect amount of stability for beginners.

This board is available in different lengths: 131, 136 and 141 cm.


  • Biolite 3 Core
  • 4 8-inches P-wing fins
  • Layered glass monocoque construction


  • No carbon fiber parts


7 – Slingshot Pill

With its 3-stage rocker and its ultra stiffness, the Pill wakeboard from Slingshot is another board designed for experimented riders.

This board features a center V-Spine that breaks up the water for reduced impact on big landings.

Also, the bottom of the board features laser made NACA Tech Channels. These channels increase the hydrodynamic from the tip to the tail, allowing smoother sessions, higher speeds, and pop. This is an all in one technology offered by Slingshot.

Also, the liquid urethane edges offer extra hydrodynamic too.

The fiberglass board comes with a Vertically Laminated All Wood Core, providing rebound and fantastic pop. Allowing more forgiveness on landings, this is an excellent board for parks.

Moreover, reinforced Carbon Bedrock Inserts increase the board’s resistance without compromising the overall flex of the board.

The Slingshot pill features 4 6-inches long and 0.75-inch fins.


  • All Wood Core
  • Carbon Bedrock Inserts
  • 4 6-inches long fins


  • Requires advanced level


8 – Hyperlite Murray 2018

The latest version of the Hyperlite Murray remains as successful as its predecessors but with a new wider surface area.

It still features the hybrid 3-stage rocker providing a smooth ride and just the perfect amount of pop.

While the mellow center landing spine helps you with heavy landings, the 4 fins increase grip and stability.

The Hyperlite Murray 2018 features the Biolite 3 Core and the layered fiberglass monocoque providing more resistance and pop consistency to the board.

Also, this board features M6 inserts that reinforce the board for better resistance and durability.

The Hyperlite Murray 2018 is available in different lengths: 120, 134, 139, 144, and 150 cm.


  • For all riders
  • Layered Glass monocoque
  • Biolite 3 Core
  • 4 fins


  • Price


9 – Slingshot Response

The Response from Slingshot offers a smooth ride thanks to its classic shape and it continuous rocker.

The Response is probably the best carving board from Slingshot.

The flexible Carbon Bedrock Inserts and the Vertically Laminated All Wood Core offer greater flex and allow the rider to use the energy of the board for greater pop and rebound.

Also, the Slingshot’s Fusion Sidewalls made out of liquid urethane offer better hydrodynamics.

While the 4 6-inches fins provide excellent grip, the Elliptical Concave hull offers better control and responsiveness from edge to edge.

The Slingshot Response comes in different lengths: 137, 142, and 147 cm.


  • All Wood Core
  • Carbon Bedrock Inserts
  • 4 6-inches long fins
  • Fusion Sidewalls
  • Elliptical Concave hull


  • For intermediate and advanced riders


10 – Full Throttle Aqua Extreme Wakeboard Kit 

We selected the Aqua Extreme setup from Full Throttle because even though intermediate level riders can shred it, it remains the perfect set for beginner riders.

Thanks to its continuous rocker and several defined channels that run on all the length of the board, beginners will quickly feel stable with this board.

The continuous rocker will lift you out the water without any efforts leaving you all the energy you need to learn how to ride.

The 2 molded fins will add stability to your sessions, providing a great feel of control to the riders.

Also, the light and dense core increase the board’s strength and durability.

The Aqua Extreme from Full Throttle is 140 cm long and 42 cm wide.

Moreover, this set included lace-up boots.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Smooth continuous rocker
  • 2 molded fins
  • Lace-up boots


  • Only 2 molded fins


We hope this comparative review gave you a good overview of the best wakeboards. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below or send an email at Our support team will be more than happy to discuss with you and help you find your new wakeboard.

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