Best Skate Shoes 2018 – Top10 Selection

Are you looking for the best skate shoes out there? You’re at the perfect place for that! We made a brief and useful buying guide to help find what you’re looking for. Also, we selected (according to Top10Slide’s team opinion) the 10 best skateboarding shoes, so you can find the perfect skate shoes for you. Check it out!

Top10Slide’s Selection: 

Product ImageNamePriceRating
Adidas Seeley$$ 8.7/10

Vans Slip-on$$9.2/10

DC Court Graffik$ 9.0/10

Vans Atwood$$$$ 9.0/10

Etnies Jameson 2$$9.1/10

Vans High-Top$$$ 9.5/10

Adidas Daily Vulc$$9.0/10

Nike Portmore II$$9.4/10

Emerica Romeo$9.5/10

Adidas Busenitz$$9.6/10

Constant practice is what makes good skaters, but not only; Their entire gear can increase the learning curve too. The skateboards, the trucks, and the bearings play their role in the skater’s learning curve. However, many skaters forget about the shoes! Being comfortable, in a long lasting pair of shoes, is one less thing to think about.

Buying guide – Skate shoes


There are thousands of different skateboarding shoes on the market. With different shapes and materials, they all have their pros and cons.

Which pair is best for you? 

It all depends on personal preferences. Some riders love their skating shoes even if they aren’t durable because they focus more on comfort or weight. The shoes we selected have their own specific characteristics, but they are all included in one of these three shapes:

Best skate shoes shapes


They’re probably the most common skate shoes among skaters; Low-shape shoes are lighter than mid-shapes and high-shapes, but they’re often designed without malleolus protections. Nevertheless, these types of shoes protect perfectly the heels and partially the Achilles heels.

Even though these shoes don’t protect the ankle area, the insoles and overall comfort remain fantastic.


Mid-shape shoes are in between Low-shape and High-shape shoes. The malleolus and the entire ankles are protected from board hits and scratches. Also, some riders prefer Mid-shape cuts because their feet are more stabilized.


These skate shoes are designed to stabilize and protect the entire ankle and beginning of the leg. High-shape shoes offer a ton of paddings for the tibia and malleolus. However, the extra paddings and the shape can diminish the board the feeling.


Coated Leather

This type of leather also called “patent leather”, comes from the outer part of the animal’s hide. As its name suggests, the layer of leather is coated with colors or varnish.

However, the layer of leather is so thin that it often lacks durability.


Suede, on the other hand, is the inner part of the animal’s hide. The inner layer of the skin is much more resistant and durable than the thin outer layer.

Since it’s such a tough material, it’s common to see coated leather or canvas shoes designed with suede parts on the critical areas. The critical areas are the spots where the shoes are most often in contact with the grip, such as the ollie area (the exterior part of the foot and the toe cap).


The term canvas refers to all type of textile used to manufacture skate shoes. The textiles can be natural or synthetic, but one thing is sure, no animals were killed to make these shoes, which is something many people seem to appreciate nowadays.

Moreover, canvas shoes are also lighter and more breathable than other shoes, making them the perfect shoes for summer skating.


Soles are composed of different parts and are designed to improve the general comfort of the shoes. There are three main sole parts:


Best skate shoes outsoles

The outsole is the part in contact with the ground and the grip of the skateboard. Therefore, it has to be tough, grippy and flexible to meet skaters needs.


Best skate shoes midsoles

The Midsole is mainly designed to absorb the impacts. The best skate brands have developed their own midsole technology. In fact, we recommend skate brands that develop their own midsole technology.

All the best and most comfortable midsole technologies are patented by giants of the skateboard industry. If you want the best technology, you’ll have to go to the best brands.


Best skate shoes insoles

The insole is the only customizable part of the soles. Some skate brands offer the choice of different insoles. However, most of the skate shoes come with their standard insoles.

Nevertheless, according to each skater’s style and weight, cushioning inserts or special insoles can be added. Skaters with back problems might have to use specific insoles. Also, skaters jumping high gaps such as stairs, probably need extra absorbing insoles.

Best skate shoes 

10 – Adidas Seeley

These shoes from Adidas are classic skate shoes, with their signature 3 stripes on the sides.

The Adidas Seeley are made with synthetic textile and rubber for the soles. Therefore, these shoes are perfect for hot summer sessions since the textile lets your feet breathe.

Moreover, the low-shape offers extra breathability to the shoes.

Also, the vulcanic rubber sole offers extra grip to the skaters providing more confidence. Confidence is crucial to develop and improve your skateboarding skills.

To conclude, if you often skate in hot places or you live in a constant hot area, these shoes are perfect for you!


  • Vulcanic rubber sole
  • Synthetic textile
  • Perfect for summer


  • Durability

9 – Vans Slip-On

If you’re the type of person that hates shoelaces, the Slip-Ons are perfect for you! In fact, Vans designed the Slip-Ons to be like a sock, a very strong sock. The huge advantage of not having laces, is that they dont brake!

These shoes are made with canvas, more specifically, with synthetic textiles and come in a variety of different colors (here above the classic waffle signature).

Moreover, the Slip-Ons come with the classic waffle rubber outsole and a thick rubber midsole to provide maximum comfort and flexibility.

In addition, since the shoes are made with canvas, the Slip-Ons are great shoes for summer sessions!


  • Rubber sole
  • Canvas
  • Perfect for summer


  • Durability

8 – DC Court Graffik

The DC Court Graffiks are available in more than 20 colors, leaving you the choice that suits best your style.

These shoes, with their bulky and large shape, are perfect for skaters with wide feet. Also, some riders love the bulky style which goes perfectly well with their overall outlook.

The Court Graffiks are made with leather, more precisely, coated leather. Because of the size and shape of these shoes, DC decided to design a very light mesh tongue to save some weight. The mesh tongue together with the vent holes, make the Court Graffiks comfortable even during summer days.

Moreover, the tongue and interior feature cushioning and paddings to offer better impact absorption and comfort. Also, the rubber soles prevent from any kind of slipping from the board.

To conclude, these shoes are perfect for any type of skater. Their features allow better comfort for gap sessions and strong impacts.


  • Coated leather
  • Cushioning and paddings
  • All season
  • Rubber soles
  • Vent holes


  • Durability (thin layer of leather)

7- Vans Atwood

The very popular Vans Atwoods are available in more than 20 colors and many different materials.

Here above, the canvas full black version with the white Vans logo on the tongue and sides. Because the Atwoods are incredibly low and because of the textiles used, these shoes are perfect for summer sessions.

The Vans Atwoods come with synthetic soles and the classic waffle outsoles for a lasting grip over the lifetime the shoes.

Even though the Atwoods are very thin, Vans designed paddings on the tongue and the inside of the shoes for better comfort. especially for those long sessions!

To conclude, the Vans Atwoods are not only great skating shoes, but they’re also the ultimate casual shoes that you can wear with all your outfits.


  • Synthetic sole
  • Canvas
  • Ideal casual shoes
  • Tongue and interior paddings
  • Perfect for summer


  • Durability

6 – Etnies Jameson 2

The Etnies Jameson 2 is another pair of canvas and synthetic shoes which are ideal for summer sessions. The Jameson 2s are available in a ton of different colors and color combinations.

These shoes come with a rubber outsole and an EVA inner midsole for extra comfort and flexibility. Additionally, the entire collar of the shoe is padded for better ankle protection and comfort.

Moreover, the Etnies Jameson 2s offer great quality for the price. In fact, it’s one of the most affordable pairs in our selection.

To conclude, the Jameson 2s are perfect for summer sessions as well as for everyday casual wear.


  • Synthetic sole
  • Canvas
  • Ideal casual shoes
  • Collar paddings
  • Perfect for summer


  • Durability

5 – Vans High-Top

The classics Vans High-Tops are the only high-shape shoes of our selection. They’re available in a multitude of different colors and color combinations.

The Vans High-Tops are made with suede and textile. Suede, as explained in the buying guide above, is the most resistant material to design shoes with; It’s tough and flexible, giving the shoes extra durability and comfort.

Additionally, the entire high collar is padded, providing riders an amazing feeling of comfort and stabilization. Because of their material and shape, the Vans High-Top are perfect shoes for winter; they will keep you warm until your lower legs. However, they aren’t ideal for hot summer sessions.

Also, the vulcanic rubber sole provides extra rebounds and flexibility, allowing long sessions without any foot pains. Moreover, the waffle outsole provides extra grip and confidence to the riders.

To conclude, the High-Tops are perfect for skaters enjoying classic styles. They’re ideal for people skating in cold areas and in winter.


  • Extra collar paddings
  • Resistant
  • Suede and canvas
  • Vulcanic rubber soles
  • Waffle outsoles
  • Perfect for winter


  • Breathability

4 – Adidas Daily Vulc

The Adidas Daily Vulc are available in many different colors and materials. You can choose between leather or canvas, giving skaters the freedom to adapt the shoes to their environment.

Keep in mind that leather is better than canvas for winter, but offer less breathability than canvas for summer.

On the other hand, all versions come with rubber soles for great flexibility and toughness. Also, all versions come with the classic three stripes on the sides.

Moreover, for extra comfort, Adidas added thin paddings on the collar and tongue for extra comfort.

To conclude, the Adidas Daily Vulcs are probably the most versatile pair of skate shoes in our selection; Leather for winter and canvas for summer.


  • Choice of materials
  • Collar and tongue paddings
  • Rubber soles


  • Durability

3 – Nike Portmore II

The Nike Portmore IIs are available in approximately 20 colors and color combinations. Also, like the previous pair, the Portmore IIs are available in canvas or suede, allowing skaters to choose their favorite materials according to their environment and their needs of resistance.

Nevertheless, all versions feature rubber soles and cushioned footbeds extra comfort! This last feature is excellent for all skaters riding gaps and ollieing stairs.

Additionally, a sticky outsole rubber prevents from unecessary slips during sessions.

To conclude, the Portmore IIs are versatile and will suit any type of riding. Whether you skate in a hot or cold area, whether you enjoy cruising or trick sessions, these will suit perfectly any situation.


  • Versatile
  • Cushioned footbeds
  • Canvas or suede
  • Rubber soles


  • Durability (for the canvas version)

2 – Emerica Romeo

The Emerica Romeos are available in more than 40 colors and color combinations! Most of the versions come in suede, even though few versions are also available in canvas.

Emerica designed the Romeo with some unique features that offer great value for skaters. One of them is the one-piece toe cap; because the entire toe cap is only one piece, there is no stitching on the toe cap which increases the durability drastically.

Moreover, the Romeo features Emerica’s tongue stabilizer which prevents the tongue from sliding to the size of the shoe (very annoying during sessions).

Moreover, the suede version of the Romeos (most common) is incredibly durable and flexible. After a few session, the shoe will take the shape of the skater’s feet increasing the comfort drastically.

To conclude, these shoes are one the most durable pairs in our selection (along with the Vans High-Top). Because of their low-shape, the Emerica Romeo is a versatile pair of skate shoes that could suit winter as well as summer sessions.


  • Suede or Canvas
  • Rubber soles
  • Emerica’s tongue stabilizer
  • One part toe cap


  • Durability (for the canvas version)

1 – Adidas Busenitz

The Adidas Busenitz are available in more than 20 colors and color combinations (check the different colors by clicking the image).

These shoes are available in suede, suede/canvas, and leather canvas, leaving skaters the choice of the most suitable material for their usage. However, for durability reasons, most versions feature a suede toe cap.

This pair of skate shoes has a low-shape design, however, its long tongue provides a bit of front ankle protection (and also has a stylish aspect for certain skaters).

Additionally, the rubber soles increase the strength and flexibility of the shoe. The comfort, on the other hand, is also insured by the rubber soles and the padded collar. Moreover, the padded heel of the shoe is designed to protect a big part of the Achille’s heel.

To conclude, the Busenitz are durable and comfortable and can suit winter as well as summer. No wonder why so many skaters wear them!


  • Suede or Canvas
  • Rubber soles
  • Extra long tongue
  • Padded collar
  • Padded heel
  • Versatile


  • Durability (for the canvas version)

We hope this comparative review gave you a good overview of the best skate shoes out there. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below or send an email at Our support team will be more than happy to discuss with you and help you find your new shoes.

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