Best Longboards 2018

Choosing a longboard might be difficult for some of you. Let us help you in the process; we created a useful buying guide along with a selection of the 10 best longboards. Check it out!

Each longboard in this selection comes with the entire set (longboard deck, trucks, wheels, bearing, and hardware).

Product Image Name Price Rating
The Quest The Original$ 9.0/10

Sanview Cruiser$9.0/10

Atom Drop Deck$$$ 8.6/10

ENKEEO Longboard$9.1/10

Magic Union$9.2/10

Volador Basic Cruiser$9.0/10

Landyachtz Hammer Cardinal $$$$ 8.9/10

Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Cruiser$$9.3/10

Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Cruiser$$9.0/10

Ten Toes Board Emporium The Drop$$9.2/10


Buying Guide

Longboard components

Let’s see what composes a longboard:

Best longboards components

  • Deck

Longboard decks are usually made in wood. Also, there are different shapes available according to each type of ride. Normally, longboards are longer than a standard skateboard, but there are few exceptions.

  • Trucks

Longboard trucks are different than regular skateboard trucks, they’re usually higher and wider offering more carving and sliding possibilities. Also, for those of you who are completely new to longboard and skateboarding in general, trucks allow you to steer the board.

  • Wheels

Longboard wheels are different from standard skateboard wheels. In fact, they’re bigger, wider, and softer, allowing extra rebound and smoothness.

  • Grip

The grip provides more control during carves and turns, but also for pushing the board. Some riders, mostly cruisers, don’t even need a grip on their longboard.


Check out these other small, yet important parts:

Best longboards more components

  • Bearings

Longboard bearings are essential; The Wheels won’t spin without them. There are different types of bearings on the market providing faster or slower rides, but the most important thing is that they provide smoothness.

  • Bushings

Longboard bushings are parts of the longboard trucks (check our longboard trucks review for more information). There are different types of bushings suiting different types of style, but their main purpose is to absorb impacts and smoothen the ride.

  • Hardware

Riders need hardware simply for assembling all the components together. The hardware is usually designed for boardsports meaning the bolts and screws have anti-unscrewing properties.

  • Riser pads

Riser pads raise the trucks offering more room for carves and sharp turns. Also, they diminish the shake feeling on rough roads providing even smoother rides. However, some riders don’t use them. Especially riders wanting stiff and low trucks for powerslides.

  • Spacers

Spacers are for keeping the bearings nicely parallel, offering smooth rides and increasing bearings’ durability.

Check this video for extra information on longboards (video from SkatePro Skateboarding):

Different longboard shapes

You probably noticed that longboards can have many different shapes. In this review, we will simplify and gather all longboards in 2 main categories; Cruising boards, and Downhill boards.

Best longboards different shapes

  • Cruising boards

Cruising boards have a bullet or water drop shape; they’re for smooth chilled rides and also great for commuting.

  • Downhill boards

Downhill boards have square shapes to offer enough room for both feet. Also, this shape offers both control and stability for downhill riders. These boards are for fast runs and power slides, it’s crucial to have a stable board that is easy to feet and steer.

Longboard deck materials

Like mentioned previously; longboard’s deck are in wood (Bamboo or Maple).

  • Bambo decks

Best longboards bamboo deck

Bamboo has properties that are great for longboards; it’s flexible and light. Also, more and more companies make decks with this material because it makes great carving and commuting boards. One of the most popular bamboo board is the Boosted Board (more info on the Boosted Board in our electric longboard review).

  • Maple decks

Best longboards maple deck

Maple is robust and durable wood that is perfect for making longboards. In fact, it’s the primary material found on the longboards these days. However, It’s less flexible and heavier than bamboo, but it keeps its hardness through time very well.


Nowadays, certain longboard manufacturers start using carbon fiber in their decks.  


  • Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber is lighter, stiffer, and much more expensive than Bamboo or Maple. Also, Carbon Fiber longboards are more for professional riders looking for the light and fast boards that provide a ton of control.

Longboard deck dimensions & size chart

Best longboards - The features

  • Width

Width is the main factor to consider when choosing a deck. According to your size and weight, you’ll want to get a narrow or wide board. If the board is to wide for your feet and weight, you’ll find it very difficult to steer the board and feel control. Same thing if the board is too narrow.

Size chart:

  • A deck width of 7 inches – Perfect for riders between 6 and 8 years old measuring between 3ft 5″ and 4ft 4″ having a shoe size between 4 and 6 (US).
  • 7.3 inches – 9 to 12 years old; between 4ft 5″ and 5ft 2″; shoe size 7-8 (US)
  • 7.5 inches and up – over 13 years old; over 5ft 3 inches; shoe size 9 (US) and up.

If you 13 years old or older, any longboard will fit. Many adults ride penny boards which are incredibly small. The size chart above is essentially for younger riders and beginners.

  • Length

The Length is the distance between the tail tip and nose tip. Longboards’ lengths vary depending on styles and tastes.

  • Wheelbase

The wheelbase is the distance between the 2 inner truck holes; It determines the type of ride of the board. Long wheelbase certainly offers more flexibility and are great for carving. Whereas, short wheelbase are usually less flexible and provide sharp turns.

  • Tail

The tail is the rear of the longboard. It can be flat or offer a bit of “kick” or “pop”, meaning it facilitates the action of lifting the nose of the boards by pressing on the tail of the board. Besides, if the board’s shape allows you, you could even do ollies and other simple tricks.

Flat tails offer a different type of ride, like a “surf ride”. Some flat tail also allows riders to lift the nose.

But generally, tails allowing ollies are perfect for commuting whereas flat tails are perfect for cruising and speed.

  • Nose

The deck’s nose is the front of the board. It can be pointy, square, or identical to the tail. However, longboards’ noses are usually flat; they won’t allow in pop in fakie or nollie.


Now that you know more about longboards check our selection of the best longboards.


Best Longboards

10 – The Quest The Original 

The Quest Super Cruiser is the ideal board for cruising and commuting.

There are 4 graphics available; Black, Green, Purple, or Multicolor.

Also, the several layers of artisan Bamboo and Hardwood Maple offer more flexibility and resistant making this board fantastic for carving and its durability.

Besides, the tail’s shape allows riders to pop few ollies, or just lift the nose when needed (rolling over pavements or sewer drains) which is very practical in small everyday trips.

Like mentioned previously, the board comes fully equipped. The 7-inch aluminum trucks are light and perfect for longboarding. In fact, the reverse kingpin offers more significant curving angles.

Moreover, the 70 mm PU wheels provide a tone of rebound and they soften rough roads. Those long trips across the city on bad roads or pavements will become enjoyable!

This board is 9 inches wide and 44 inches long, which will fit perfectly anyone bigger than 5ft 3″.


  • Perfect cruising board
  • Bamboo and Maple deck
  • Flexible and durable
  • Reverse kingpin trucks


  • Storage or transportation (44 inches long)


9 – Sanview Cruiser

The Sanview Cruiser is another perfect commuting board which is slightly shorter (42.5 inches long) than the previous one. This board is perfect to get you from home to your job, skipping irritating traffic jams and reach work in a better mood.

Moreover, the deck is available in 7 different graphics – All of them come with 7 layers of Canadian Maple and a layer of Bamboo. The Bamboo and Canadian Maple mixture offer a long-lasting and flexible deck.

Naturally, the board comes with trucks and wheels. The 7 inches Aluminum reverse kingpin trucks offer a ton of response and ideal for long cruising trips and carving.

Moreover, the ABEC 9 Precision bearings and the 70 mm wheels get the work done when it comes to smoothen your rides.


  • Ideal for commuting and cruising
  • Canadian Maple and Bambo deck
  • Flexible and durable
  • Reverse kingpin trucks


  • Storage and transportation (42 inches long)


8 – Atom Drop Deck

The Atom Drop is the ideal board for riders wanting to more sensations and speed. In fact, with its low-ride style, it offers excellent stability for downhill runs.

The full Maple laminate deck measures 41.7 inches long and 10.6 inches wide; it will suit correctly anyone taller than 5ft 3″. The Maple ensures the general hardness of the board offering long-lasting decks.

Also, the board is surprisingly easy to push around town making it a possible commuting board.

Additionally, the reverse kingpin trucks offer a ton of control during fast runs as well as between cars in traffic jams.

To conclude, the Atom Drop is a versatile longboard that will allow you to experiment and enjoy downhill rides as much as commuting every day. Also, it’s the perfect alternative for snowboards during summer.


  • Maple deck
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Perfect for downhill and speed
  • Low-ride
  • Reverse kingpin trucks


  • Weight
  • Price


7 – ENKEEO longboard

This longboard from ENKEEO is available in 4 different graphics and is ideal for speed and racing.

Moreover, the 9 layers of Maple composing the deck provides hardness and stiffness to the board which is perfect for stability and control.

The deck is 40 inches long and 9 inches wide which is perfect for anyone measuring 5ft 3″ or more.

Also, the reverse kingpin 7-inches Aluminum trucks along with the 70 mm wheels offer increased feeling during sharp turns and fast runs.

To conclude, this board is ideal for riders looking for speed and downhill sensations. Also, you could use this board for everyday trips.


  • Ideal for speed and racing
  • Downhill board
  • Maple deck
  • Durable
  • Reverse kingpin trucks


  • Small and hard wheels would work better than soft 70mm wheels for downhill runs


6 – Magic Union

The longboard form Magic Union is available in 3 different graphics; Jellyfish, Eye, or Eagle.

The Magic Union board is for riders looking for speed and freestyle. If you enjoy fast runs and power slides, this board is ideal for you.

Additionally, it comes with a 9-layer Maple deck; Magic Union selected ultra flexible Maple layers to offer a hard and durable, yet flexible longboard.

Also, the deck is 41 inches long and 9 inches wide, which is perfect for any rider measuring 5ft 9″ or more.

Moreover, the 7-inch reverse kingpin powder coated Aluminum trucks and the PolyUrethane wheels provide a ton of control and stability while the ABEC 9 bearings smoothen your rides.


  • Ideal for freestyle
  • 9-layers Maple deck
  • Durable
  • Reverse kingpin trucks


  • Storage and transportation (41 inches long)



5 – Volador Basic Cruiser

The Basic Cruiser from Volador is available in 7 different cool graphics and colors.

This 100% Maple deck longboard is perfect for longboard beginners who aren’t looking for speed or racing but only for a pleasant way of commuting. The Basic Cruiser is ideal for that!

Additionally, the 9-layers, 40-inches long Maple deck along with the 7-inches reverse kingpin aluminum trucks provide that ultimate longboard experience for beginners.

Also, its unique shape and design make it stand out from all the other standard longboards.

Moreover, the board is 9-inches wide which will suit any rider measuring 5ft 3″ or more.

If you’re looking for a new way of commuting around your town, the Volador Basic Cruiser is a board you should consider buying.


  • Perfect for commuting
  • 9-layers Maple deck
  • Durable and hard
  • Reverse kingpin trucks
  • Graphics


  • Storage and transportation (40 inches long)


4 – Landyachtz Hammer Cardinal 

The Hammer Cardinal is the ideal board for anyone looking for new ways of commuting.

The 100% Maple deck ensures the hardness of the board in the long run, while the deck’s shape offers fantastic control. Besides, the square shape provides more opportunities when it comes to freestyle.

Moreover, the Hammer Cardinal comes with Bear Grizzly trucks that will suit any ride while the Landyachtz wheels take care of making the road feel like a pool table.

Additionally, like most freestyle and downhill boards, the deck’s shape prevents wheel bites which ads up to the overall stability of the board.

Also, the wheels come with ABEC 7 bearings which should make your experience with the Hammer Cardinal, even smoother.


  • Ideal for freestyle and commuting
  • 100% Maple deck
  • Durable and hard
  • Reverse kingpin trucks


  • Price


3 – Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Cruiser

The Zed Bamboo Cruiser is available in 12 different colors and graphics.

The Maple and Bamboo deck gives the board flexibility and hardness, which is perfect for all of you cruisers. Besides, the kick tail allows riders to clear certain obstacles, or even ollie over pavements; it’s the typical cruiser or commuter board.

Also, the nose’s kick shape allows riders to get creative when it comes to tricks.

Moreover, the reverse kingpin 7-inches aluminum trucks, the ABEC 7 bearings, and the Polyurethane wheels add smoothness to the overall ride.

The board is 44.1 inches long and 9.4 inches wide, which will suit any rider measuring 5ft 3″ or more.

The combination of material along with the board’s shape, make the Zed Bamboo the ideal board for riders looking for smooth chilled rides or commuting.


  • Ideal for freestyle and commuting
  • Maple and Bamboo deck
  • Flexible
  • Reverse kingpin trucks


  • Storage and transportation (44.1 inches long)


2 – Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Cruiser

This Freestyle Cruiser from Playshion is available in 7 different graphics.

As its name suggests, it’s a board for beginners looking for a versatile longboard that will allow them to experiment different types of rides.

The 8 layers of Maple make the deck hard and durable. Also, the 7-inches Aluminum trucks are very light offering smoothness to your runs. Besides, riders can push the board with fewer efforts; perfect for long cruising rides.

Moreover, the soft 70×50 mm wheels along with the ABEC 7 bearings take care of making rough roads feel soft and comfortable.

Also, the flat tail and nose won’t allow you to do tricks, but you’ll have plenty of fun curving or power sliding!

to conclude, The Freestyle Cruiser is 39 inches long and 9.1 inches wide which is perfect for riders measuring 5f 3″ or more.


  • 8 Layers Maple deck
  • Hard and durable
  • Reverse kingpin trucks
  • Versatile
  • Ideal for freestyle


  • Flat Tail
  • Storage and transportation (39 inches long)


1 – Ten Toes Board Emporium The Drop

The Drop from Ten Toes Board Emporium is available in 2 different colors; Black or Aqua.

The robust and durable Canadian Maple deck offers excellent stability which is perfect for fast downhill runs. Besides, its low ride profile adds control and stability to the overall ride.

Also, The deck’s shape prevents the 70×51 mm wheels from touching the board during sharp turns, and the reverse kingpin trucks allow adjustments to suit your level or style.

Moreover, The soft bushings and wheels offer comfort to this freestyle/downhill board, allowing riders to eventually go for some cruising sessions.

The deck is 41 inches long and 11 inches wide; perfect for rider measuring 5f 3″ or more.

To conclude, the Drop is a perfect board for fast downhill runs. But it could be used on chilled cruising runs too; its low and easy to push.


  • Low ride
  • Canadian Maple deck
  • Durable
  • Reverse kingpin trucks
  • Ideal for fast runs


  • Storage and transportation (41 inches long)


We hope this comparative review gave you a good overview of the best longboards. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below or send an email at Our support team will be more than happy to discuss with you and help you find your new longboard.

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