Best Longboard Wheels For 2018

Are you looking for a brand new set of longboard wheels? With a brief buying guide and our selection of the 10 best longboard wheels, let us help you find the perfect wheels.

Top10Slide’s selection:

Product Image NamePriceRating
Santa Cruz SlimeBall Vomits$$9.0/10

Freedare wheels$8.0/10

Everland wheels$8.9/10

Bigfoot Wheels$$9.1/10

Orangatang 4 President wheels$$$$9.0/10

Super Juice OJ III wheels$$9.3/10

Sunset Cruiser Wheel$$8.9/10

Big Boy Blank Pro wheels$$9.2/10

Orangatang Cage wheels$$$$9.1/10

Powell Peralta Rat Bones wheels$$$9.0/10


Buying guide


You should always get a set of wheels that suit your truck’s height; Get big diameter wheels if you have high trucks, and conversely, get small diameter wheels if you have low trucks.

Why is this?

Well if you have big wheels on low trucks, the wheels will rub against your board (wheel bite) when carving too hard. However, having small wheels on a high truck is possible, but your ride would be much smoother with appropriate big diameter wheels.

Wheels diameter:

Best longboard wheels diameter

Most wheels have a diameter in between 48mm and 80mm; every diameter provides a different type of ride.

For instance, smaller wheels provide fast acceleration but low top speeds. Whereas, bigger wheels offer high top speeds but slow acceleration.

For longboards, we recommend buying wheels with a diameter superior to 54 mm. If you have high longboard truckswe suggest going for 57 to 60+ mm wheels. On the other hand, if you have low longboard trucks, we recommend going for 54 to 57 mm wheels.

Smaller wheels (48 mm to 53 mm) are made for skateboards since skateboard trucks are lower than longboard trucks.

What’s the difference between these 2 setups?

  • High setups (high trucks and big wheels) are for cruising and transportation.
  • Low setups (low trucks and small wheels) are for speed and downhill.

Also, the longboard’s shape could determine the size of your wheels too. In fact, if you’re riding a board that offers wheel clearance, you could ride with bigger wheels even with low trucks.

Moreover, the ground on which your usually skating should impact the wheel diameter you’re riding. For instance, if the surface you’re riding on is crusty and not smooth, bigger wheels will help go over small cracks and have smoother rides.

Whereas, smaller wheels are doing better on a smooth and flat surface.

Materials and durometer

Longboard and skateboard wheels are all made out of a mixture of plastic called Urethane. The proportion of the difference plastics in the mix is determining the hardness of your wheels.

Unfortunately, longboard and skateboard brands don’t communicate the details of their mixture. However, to help you chose your wheels, they provide a durometer scale.

The durometer scale goes from 0 to 100, 0 being the softest and 100 being the hardest.

What durometer is right for you?

Well, it depends. Your riding style and the tricks you want to do should impact your wheels’ durometer.

  • Hard wheels:

If you like power-sliding, go for hard wheels! In fact, harder wheels tend to slide better on asphalt.

Also, if you have a homemade cruising setup (high trucks on a regular skateboard) but still want to throw some tricks and slides, harder wheels offer smoother slides (tailslide, noseslide, and bluntslides) since they also slide better against walls and rails.

  • Soft wheels:

If you use your longboard for going to work or just general transportation, soft wheels are the best choice for you. In fact, using your longboard to move around your town will probably bring you to ride rough and crusty roads.

Soft wheel are perfect for that; they will make the road the ride smooth and absorb the different irregularities of the road. Soft wheels offer a great rebound allowing longer rides without being shaken by bad roads.

Also, soft wheels provide better grip on the road making powerslides an impossible mission.

See below further details on the durometer scale:

  • 73a to 87a: Perfect to move around town on rough roads.
  • 88a to 95a: Intermediate level allowing to ride around town but also ride the park.
  • 96a – 99a: These wheels are made for riding smooth grounds.
  • 101a: For advanced riders sliding and griding constantly!
  • 83b to 84b: These wheels provide not grip at all! Specifically made for pros.


The core is the inner part of the wheel which holds the bearings.

Core materials:

The core can be plastic or urethane.

Best longboard bearings core

  • Urethane core:

Urethane cores are the same material as the wheels.

  • Plastic core:

Plastic cores have lighter plastic than urethane. The bearings are more linear and parallel when held in plastic core wheels.

Also, plastic cores are better for speed and downhill since they’re more resistant to side forces. Urethane cores can get ripped off from the wheels because of high speed turns and fast power slides.

Besides, plastic core wheels are lighter than urethane and require less effort to ride the board.

Core position:

The position of the core can vary according to the different types of wheels. There are 3 principal positions:

Best longboard wheels core position

  • Center set:

A centerset core is positioned right in the center of the wheel; they provide excellent stability. Since the force is distributed evenly, centerset core wheels usually last longer than the others types of wheel.

These types of wheels are best for riding skateparks; they allow a smooth flipping motion.

  • Offset:

Offset cores are slightly closer to the truck which makes carving much easier. You usually see these types of wheels on longboards.

  • Sideset:

The sideset cores are located as close as possible to the truck; they provide excellent road grip since weight goes to the outside of the wheel. However, slideset core make flipping motions complicated and are mostly made for longboards

Contact patch

The contact patch is the part of the wheel in contact with the ground. It goes without saying that square wheels have a bigger contact patch than oval wheels.

Best longboard wheels Contact Patch

  • Square wheels

Because square wheels have a bigger contact patch with the ground, they sustain greater friction making the wheel spin slower than round wheels. Therefore, square wheels are perfect for downhill; by going slower, they provide more control to the rider.

  • Round wheels

Because round wheels have a smaller contact patch with the ground, they sustain less friction making the wheels spin faster than square wheels. These wheels are better for cruising and freeriding since they require less effort from the rider.

Flat Spots

Flats spots are the most annoying thing for riders; a flat spot is when your wheel isn’t perfectly round anymore and prevents your wheel from having a continuous smooth contact with the ground.

Also, it makes the board shakes and makes an unbearable sound, but most importantly, it reduces your grip and the overall steering of the board.

If you have flat spots, you might consider buying a new set of wheels.

If you want more information on longboard wheels, check this video (video from Tactics Boardshop):

The best longboard wheels

1 – Santa Cruz SlimeBall Vomits wheels

The Santa Cruz SlimeBall Vomits’ design come all the way from the 80’s. The urethane formula, the graphics, and the logo are the same as they were back in the days.

The Slimeball’s original urethane formula offers a 97a on the durometer scale. Also, these wheels are designed with a centerset core and 60 mm heights.

Additionally, the durability of these wheels is famous among riders. In fact, its original formula prevents the wheel from bearing seat stretch, softening and speed loss.

To conclude, these wheels are perfect for powerslides, smooth surface, and speed.


  • Original design
  • Durable
  • Great for speed
  • Ideal for power slides


  • Doesn’t offer the greatest grip


2 – Freedare wheels

The Freedare wheels have a simple solid design (black or red) and come with a set of 8 bearings and 4 spacers.

These 82a wheels provide great softness and rebound offering riders smooth runs. Also, having centerset cores, it allows flipping motions and other tricks.

Additionally, with its intermediate 58 mm diameter and 45 mm width, it will suit most boards and trucks.

Moreover, like mentioned previously, the Freedare come with 8 ABEC-7 high steel bearings and 4 pre-installed spacers.

To conclude, these wheels are perfect for cruising, transportation, or even shredding parks from time to time.


  • Come with ABEC-7 bearings and spacers
  • Great for transportation and cruising
  • Suitable for tricks


  • Require more effort


3 – Everland wheels

This set of Everland wheels is available in more than 10 different colors; Being affordable and durable it’s the perfect beginner set (the wheel don’t come with bearings though).

Everland wheels have a 65 mm diameter and 51 mm width making them bigger than most regular wheels. Therefore, make sure your to get truck pads if your trucks are too low for these wheels.

To conclude, these are versatile wheels that allow beginner riders to try different riding styles. Also, if your longboard helps you move around town, these wheels will be perfect for that!


  • Versatile
  • Variety of colors
  • Durable
  • Great for commuting


  • Not made for speed


4 – Bigfoot wheels

The Bigfoot wheels have an incredible diameter of 76 mm with a 53 mm width, making them the ultimate wheels for cruising.

Also, they feature an 80a hardness which is one of the softest grades on the durometer scale; you can expect incredibly smooth rides with these gigantic wheels.

Moreover, the offset cores offer better grip through corners and enable the rider to have amazing carving sessions. Along with providing smooth rides, soft wheels also offer more control.

Additionally, while the 76 mm wheels help you maintain high speeds, they also require more effort from the rider to accelerate.

To conclude, offering great comfort and control, these wheels are perfect for cruising, but also they offer great speed and control which is perfect for downhill.


  • Great for cruising
  • Ideal for fast downhill runs
  • Comfort


  • Require more effort


5 – Orangatang 4 President wheels

The Orangatang 4 President wheels are made for speed and carving!

These 70 mm wheels have a urethane formula that offers incredible smoothness and grip, making them perfect for hard carves and downhill slaloms.

Also, these wheels are ideal for commuting; they require small effort and carry speed easily while their size absorbs all the cracks from the road.

To conclude, another versatile set of longboard wheels! Whether you want to race downhill, cruise or get from A to B, the Orangatangs are a perfect choice.


  • Versatile
  • Ideal for fast downhill runs
  • Great for commuting
  • Control


  • Even though power slide is possible, the grip makes it more complicated.


6 – Super Juice OJ III wheels

These 78a Super Juice OJ 3 wheels provide the smoothest runs. With its great rebound and softness, you won’t feel any road cracks or rocks.

These wheels have a 60 mm diameter and a 45 mm width which is a size that suits most trucks and longboards.

Also, they feature a reinforced plastic core and a redesigned chip-resistant shape providing great pressure resistance and grip. If you like fast downhill runs, these wheels will provide great grip and control.

To conclude, the redesigned Super Juice OJ 3 wheels are ideal for cruising and speeding downhill.


  • Ideal for speed
  • Soft
  • Perfect for cruising


  • Require more effort


7 – Sunset Cruiser Wheels

These 59 mm Sunset Cruiser wheels are the brightest LED wheels in the industry.

With a 78a hardness, the Sunset Cruisers are made for cruising; they make the rockiest road feel smooth and flat.

Also, the LEDs will glow for an incredible 100,000 hours and don’t require separate batteries. In fact, the wheels recharge the batteries with the spinning motion.

Moreover, the Sunset Cruisers come with a set of 8 ABEC-p bearings ^.

To conclude, these are the perfect cruising wheels for those long relaxed runs on the seaside.


  • Any surface will feel smooth
  • Great rebound
  • Ideal for cruising
  • Imtegretaded LED lights
  • ABEC-9 bearings included


  • Require more effort


8 – Big Boy Blank Pro Longboard Cruiser Wheels

The Big Boy Blank Pro wheels pack is the ideal affordable set for beginners.

The package comes with the 76 mm clear purple Big Boy Pro wheels, 8 ABEC-7 bearings, and 4 spacers. This wheel size provides high top speeds but a slow acceleration.

The Big Boy Blank Pros are perfect for cruising and for fast downhill runs. Providing great control, beginner enjoy learning carves and fast turns on these wheels


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Perfect for top speed
  • Comes with 8 ABEC -7 bearings and 4 spacers


  • Require more effort


9 – Orangatang Cage wheels

The 73 mm Orangatang Cage wheels are designed for downhill freeriding and tricks.

Even though they’re fast, they are large enough to provide smoothness on rocky roads and enough nimbleness for slides and tricks.

Also, the rounded lips and hard contact patch make the Orangatang wheels great for power sliding.

These incredible characteristics are due to Orangatang’s urethane formula which is soft for speed control but also hard for power slides.

Moreover, the centerset cores also increase stability and sliding control.

To conclude, get ready for wild power slides and fun trick sessions with your friends; these wheels are made for downhill and tricks.


  • Great for speed
  • Ideal for power sliding
  • Perfect for tricks
  • Intermediate grip
  • Also suitable for commuting


  • Price


10 – Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue wheels

Last but not least, we got the 60 mm Powell Peralta Re-issued wheels.

With an 85a grade on the durometer scale, these wheels offer a great rebound which makes them ideal for every day commuting.

Also, the Rate Bones are available in 3 different colors; solid blue, solid black or solid green.

These 60 mm size wheels offer a good compromise between acceleration and top speed. In fact, they won’t require much effort from the ride and they will carry high speeds.

Also, their rounded lips provide great board control when power slidding.

To conclude, these are the perfect every day longboard wheels; on a longboard or a customized skateboard with high trucks, you can’t go wrong with the Rat Bones.


  • Great for commuting
  • A good compromise between speed and acceleration
  • 3 different colors
  • Classic since 2005


  • Not the fastest wheels on the market


We hope this comparative review helped you find the best longboard wheels. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below or send an email at Our support team will be more than happy to discuss with you and help you find your new longboard wheels.

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