Top 10 Best Longboard Brands and Buying Guide

Are you looking for a new longboard and wondering which are the best brands out there? Check out this review on the best longboard brands and learn more about longboards and longboarding in general.

Best Longboard Brands



Sector 9

Santa Cruz







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1 – Landyachtz

(Video from Landyatchz)

The Vancouver based company is one of the most famous longboard companies out there; it was created in 2000 by Michael Perreten and Thomas Edstrand in Blackcomb, Canada.

Landyachtz is more than a longboard manufacturer; the company is playing a role in the evolution of the sports. Landyachtz has a team of skaters testing new materials, designing new shapes, and shouting out loud the benefits of longboarding. The boards are manufactured with different materials including maple, bamboo, or fiberglass.

Initially, Landyachtz manufactured downhill, but nowadays the company produces different styles of boards:

  • Cruiser
  • Mini-cruiser
  • Downhill
  • Freeride
  • Hybrid

The Canadian based company started its business by manufacturing and selling longboards, but it proposes more products now. In fact, Landyachtz also sells longboard trucks, longboard wheels, accessories, and clothes.

Having so many different deck styles, any rider can find his perfect board. Whether you’re looking for a board to commute or to shred downhills, Landyachtz has a board for your style.

Here are some Landyachtz complete longboards you may like:

Best longboard brands landyachtz


Best longboard brands landyachtz cruiser

2 – Rayne

(Video from Rayne)

Rayne Longboards is a Canadian company that was created in 2004 by Graham Buksa.

It all started in Vancouver, where the first Rayne longboard decks were designed and manufactured; Rayne hasn’t stopped producing longboards since then. The company is specialized in manufacturing the decks, but it also sells longboard wheels and other accessories for riders such as riser pads, or gloves.

Rayne is a crew of riders enjoy longboarding and traveling the world to share their beautiful passion.

Rayne builds four styles of premium boards:

  • Dance boards
  • Drop through/Freeride boards
  • Freeride boards
  • Downhill boards

If you like downhill session and powerslides, you should strongly consider Rayne Longboards. Besides, a team of 15 pro riders is there to approve the quality of Rayne Longboards.

Also, Rayne doesn’t only offer different styles of boards but also different materials. In fact, the company proposes bamboo, maple, or even bamboo/fiberglass. Most of the time the company uses layers of different materials to obtain the perfect balance between flex and durability (depending on the different styles).

Here are some Rayne complete longboards you may like:

Best longboard brands drop through

Best longboard brands Freeride

3 – Sector 9

(Video from Sector 9)

Sector 9 was established in 1993 by a group of friends sharing the same style of life. The project was initially called 9-balls, it consisted of a house filled with little riding features, a ping pong table and a group of friends, Sector 9 only came a few years later.

This being said, we consider Sector 9 as more than a simple longboard company. The history of the brands communicates a style of life and a state of mind.

Sector 9 commercializes a broad variety of longboard shapes and styles, these are the main ones:

  • Cruiser
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Limited edition
  • and more

Sector 9 mainly uses bamboo and maple wood, even though some boards have a core in a different material than the other layers (bamboo, maple, fiberglass). Besides decks, Sector 9 also designs and sells trucks, wheels, components, safety gear, and clothes. With these products, the founders really communicate their style of life.

Sector 9 longboards sell premium quality longboard decks for every style of riders; whether you want to cruise, commute, or race, Sector 9 has a premium board for you and at a reasonable price.

Here are some Sector 9 complete longboards that you may like:

Best longboard brands sector 9 cruiser

Best longboard brands sector 9 carving

4 – Santa Cruz Skateboards

(Video from Santa Cruz Skateboards)

Santa Cruz is a skateboard/longboard brand distributed by a US skateboard distribution company called NHS, Inc. The company was founded by Richard Novak, Doug Haut, and Jay Shuirman in 1973 in Santa Cruz, California US and is still based there.

Santa Cruz is the oldest skateboard company that has continuously been selling skateboard products.

The company is mainly focused on two styles of boards:

  • Standard skateboard
  • Old school skateboard cruiser

Santa Cruz uses maple to manufacture most of the boards.

Also, the company doesn’t only sells skateboards and longboards, but also skateboard trucks, skateboard wheels, clothes, and accessories.

If you enjoy cruising along and pop few tricks, you may want to check out Santa Cruz boards.

Here is a Santa Cruz complete cruiser that you may like:

Best longboard brands santa cruz cruiser

5 – Z-Flex

(Video from Z-Flex)

Z-Fex was born in 1975 when the surf team Zephyr from Santa Monica decided to design longboards and skateboards. The team was composed of many riders, but here are a few: Jay Adams, Tony Alva, and David Hackett.

Surfboards inspired the Zephyr team and you can notice it on most Z-Flex boards. Besides, bringing the “surf passion” into longboarding, Z-Flex also invested in research and development to design and test the first urethane skateboard wheels. Moreover, Z-Flex also was the first company to design a concave shape on the board’s top side. Any skater today can thank Z-Flex’s work of improving the sport.

The company mainly sells two types of decks (all in Canadian maple):

  • Longboards
  • Cruisers / Pool decks

Whether you prefer popping tricks around or cruising and carving, Z-Flex boards are perfect for you.

Here are some Z-Flex complete longboards that you may like:

Best longboard brands z-flex cruiser

Best longboard brands z-flex old school


6 – Loaded Boards

(Video from Loaded Boards)

Loaded was established in 2009, but it the project was thought 15 years before that, by a group of surfers and snowboarders that wanted to mimic the “snow/water ride feel” on asphalt. Loaded is deeply implicated in research and development projects and has worked on many innovations such as longboard wheels and the material used.

The boards come in maple, bamboo or more innovative materials such as:

  • Triaxial E glass/ epoxy
  • Urethane
  • Basswood
  • Polyethylene

Loaded mainly manufactures these three types of decks:

  • Drop through
  • Cruisers
  • Dancing/freestyle

Besides decks, Loaded also sells wheels, longboard trucks, clothes, and accessories. Additionally, Loaded also designs and manufactures snowboards.

If you’re a surfer or snowboarder, Loaded is the company that corresponds to you; enjoy dancing sessions as much as poping tricks in the pool or streets.

Here is a Loaded complete cruiser that you may like:

Best longboard brands loaded Tan tien

7 – Madrid Skateboards

(Video from Madrid Skateboards)

Madrid Skateboards’ project started in the 60’s, in Jerry Madrid’s garage. But it only got famous throughout the 80’s thanks to a series of iconic collaborations such as the Madrid Valterra Skateboard skated by Marty McFly in the movie “Back to the future”. Nowadays, its US-based factory is located in Huntington and it’s still producing some high-quality skateboards for thousands of loyal costumers.

Madrid Skateboards mainly focuses on one type of board:

  • Old school skateboard cruiser

Even if it also manufactures other types of boards such as The Valhalla Skateboards (a more downhill/freeride type of boards), or even cruisers.

The company wanted to own an old-school style driven by the skateboard culture. In fact, the decks are made out of the classic 7-ply maple wood construction and its shape comes from an old-school mold to obtain that classic skateboard cruiser.

Madrid Skateboard doesn’t only sells skateboards decks, but also wheels, trucks and other accessories. Moreover, the company is strongly impacting the “riding movements” with many international events such as skate contests, longboard camps, or downhill contests.

Madrid Skateboard is among the skateboard brands that have experience in the business; they provide high-quality, affordable skateboard and longboards to many loyal clients since the 80’s. Also, even if they originally built skateboard cruisers, nowadays every type of rider can have a Madrid board that fit is style.

Check this new Madrid Skateboards complete cruiser longboard, it might be the perfect pick for you:

Best longboard brands madrid

8 – Atom Longboards

(Video from Atom Longboards)

Atom Longboards was founded in 2005 by longboard riders. The company manufactures and sells different types of boards. In fact, the Atom sells longboards, all-terrain longboards, and electric longboards. At Top10Slide we love the fact that the company is pushing and innovating to meet the new modern expectations in terms or riding; new environments (forest), new ways of commuting (with electric longboards), and still developing the “more traditional” sport.

The company designs different board shapes such as drop through boards, pintail/kicktail boards, and drop deck boars. These shapes all fit in one of these three types of longboards:

  • Cruisers
  • Downhill
  • Carving

Moreover, Atom boards are made with multiple plies of maple or/and bamboo resulting in a high quality finished product. What is great about this brand is the riding opportunities it provides; you can actually skate in the forest with the all-terrain line of boards. Moreover, if you live in a city and you’re looking for a new green mean of transportation, Atom has an amazing electric longboard line including mini-electric longboard and standard size electric longboard (at an affordable price).

Whether you enjoy carving, freeriding, or power sliding, you won’t regret going for an Atom board; its value per dollar ratio is hard to beat.

Here is an Atom complete cruiser that you may like:

Best longboard brands atom

9 – Earthwing Boards

(Video from Earthwing Boards)

Earthwing was founded by Brian Petrie in the US, he started designing skateboard/longboards in the mid 90’s. Brian Petrie was a skater and a fan of skateboarding, passion-driven, he wanted to innovate and ameliorate skateboard decks; especially the different possible ply combinations.

Earthwing uses maple and bamboo as well as carbon and kevlar, as long as it improves the rider’s feeling on the board. Earthwing offers two main longboard lines called Payback decks and Earthwing decks.

The Payback line is composed of cruisers and the Earthwing line is composed of drop through/freeride and downhill.

The company also designs and sells wheels, bearings, trucks, and clothes.

If you’re looking for sick downhill runs, Earthwing boards are perfect for you. Whether you want to go for the drop through/ freestyle or the downhill boards, you’ll end up with a quality product, designed and manufactured by riders.

Here is an Earthwing cruiser deck that you may like:

Best longboard brands earthwing

10 – Comet Skateboards

(Video from Comet Skateboards)

Comet Skateboards was founded in San Fransisco in 1997 by skaters and street artists. In fact, Comet boards have shapes that reflect the old-school skating culture. Nevertheless, the board also commercialized downhill longboards for those riders in need of speed and powerslides.

The boards are constructed with several plies of maple wood, depending on the style of the board. The 7 to 9-ply maple construction provides great durability and flex when needed.

Comet Skateboards is company specialized uniquely in skateboard and longboard decks, it doesn’t design or manufacture trucks, bearings or wheels.

What we love about Comet Skateboards is the passion shared by their team. In fact, they travel around the world to skate and share riding experiences. Since the company was originally founded by artists too, Comet’s website displays a lot of media such as videos and photos (anything to share this great passion).

If you’re in love with the old-school rider style or you enjoy fast downhill sessions, Comet Skateboards is a longboard brand you should consider.

Here is a Comet complete cruiser that you may like:

Best longboard brands comet

Longboard Guide

First of all, you should as yourself “how do I want to ride my longboard”? Do you enjoy smooth child rides, or perhaps you prefer fast downhill session? Keep in mind the style of ride you want and discover the different longboard types here below.

Longboard types

Best longboard brands board types

  • Drop Through/Freeride

Best longboard brands drop through boards

As you can see in the picture above, drop through boards have the trucks fitted inside the deck; the top part of the trucks appears on the upper side of the board. This feature makes the overall setup lower to the ground providing more control and stability, especially for fast runs.

  • Downhill

Most downhill boards have an oval shape with a lot of concave. This shape provides a lot of control and since downhill board trucks are usually very tight, the extra concave allows riders to put more pressure on those turns and powerslides. Also, downhill boards can feature small kick tail and nose for extra control during hard brakes or powerslides.

  • Carving

Carving board often have a pintail shape (similar to a water drop); the board has no kick tail or nose but it often features a slight concave shape for those beautiful carves. Carving boards are essential to have fun and a child ride, they’re also useful for commuting.

  • Skateboard Cruiser

Skateboard Cruisers have the old school standard skateboard shape, they’re perfect to cruise around and pop tricks. The decks are smaller than the other longboards; the size is similar to a modern standard skateboard. Whether you want to have bowl sessions or just cruise around your campus, skateboard cruisers are made for you.

Longboard components

Longboard decks are made with several different materials; the most common constructions are 7 to 9 plies of maple or bamboo compressed together. However, nowadays skateboard companies are innovating and using new materials to build decks such as Carbon and Kevlar.

Longboard wheels can have different properties according to your styles; they can be big, small, soft, or hard depending on the type of ride. Big and soft wheels are better for commuting and cruising, whereas small and hard wheels are better for downhill and powerslides. Besides, longboard wheels always come with a durometer index. Check our review on the best longboard wheels for more information (link above).

Best longboard brands longboard trucks

Longboards can feature two types of trucks; regular skateboard trucks or reverse kingpin trucks. Usually, standard skateboard trucks are found on skateboard cruiser or small boards. Whereas, reverse kingpin trucks are usually featured on drop-through, freeride, and downhill boards. Reverse kingpin trucks stand lower to the ground providing extra control during fast runs. Regular skateboard trucks stand higher to the ground and allow better control at slow speeds.

Longboard bearings are a crucial part of your setup. In fact, they’re mainly responsible for your ride’s smoothness. Most riders choose bearings with high ABEC rates (industry bearing indicator), but we recommend choosing bearings according to their brand’s authority; the ABEC rates refers to bearings designed for industrial purposes. Longboard bearings don’t require that strength and durability.

Wrap up

There are many longboard brands out there, here is what we recommend when looking for a new longboard:

  • Go for established longboard brands
  • Check the company’s culture
  • Ask your self “how do I want to ride”?
  • Buy the best board you can afford
  • Purchase a board you find esthetic

We hope this comparative review gave you a good overview of the best longboard brands out there. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below or send an email at Our support team will be more than happy to discuss with you and help you find the perfect longboard brand for you.

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