Best BMX 2018

Dou you want to experience BMX rides? Let us help you find the best BMX for you!

To help you out, we made a selection of the 10 best BMXs along with a brief, but useful buying guide. Check it out!

Top10Slide’s selection:

Product Image Name PriceRating
Mongoose Legion$ 8.7/10

Framed Impact$8.6/10

SE Big Flyer$$$$9.0/10

SE Big Ripper$$$$$9.0/10

Framed Attack$$$9.4/10

Framed Team$$8.5/10

KHE Root$$8.7/10

Framed Witness$$$9.1/10

Redline Bikes Romp$$$9.0/10

Framed Twenty6er$$$8.9/10

Buying Guide


Best BMX components

  • Seat:

There are different types of seats on the market; Railed, Combo, Pivotal, or Tripod seats. While Railed and Combo seats come on entry-level BMXs, the Pivotal and Tripod seats come on more premium BMXs. Premium seats are easy to adjust and are usually lighter than entry-level seats.

  • Frame:

The frame is the skeleton of the BMX, everything starts from the frame. It goes without saying that its a substantial part of your bike. Entry-level bikes usually come with steel frames, while premium BMXs come with 4130 cromoly frames which are lighter and more durable than steel frames.

  • Handlebars:

Handlebars come in different sizes and materials. The sizing of the handlebars is personal preferences. Whereas the materials follow the same principal as the frame; They come either in 4130 cromoly or in steel.

  • Stem:

The stem is the part that links the handlebars with the forks.

  • Headset:

There 2 types of headsets; interior or exterior headsets. Old BMXs used to have an exterior headset, but nowadays, interior headsets are the norm. Interior headsets are more durable and light than exterior headsets.

Also, they’re way better looking (Top10Slide’s opinion)!

  • Forks:

BMXs’ forks, as you probably know already, have no suspensions. For premium BMXs, cromoly forks are what you should expect.

  • Front hub:

The front hub is equipped with bearings to let your wheel spin freely. Therefore, you should look for sealed bearings for durability.

  • Pedal:

There are plastic or alloy pedals; the choice is up to you. But keep in mind that alloy pedals can heart your legs more, and they’re heavier than plastic.

  • Gearing:

The gearing describes the mechanism of the chain and the connection between the front and rear cassette hub or freewheel hub.

Nowadays, gearings tend to be smaller than before. In fact, small sprockets are what most riders are looking for. Small sprockets are light and allow for more clearance. A 25-9t is a good quality standard.

  • Rear hub:

There are different types of rear hubs; A cassette hub usually comes with 9 tooths and is the norm on most quality BMXs nowadays. A freewheel hub usually features 13 or more tooths which makes it reliable and responsive.

Also, we recommend freecoaster hubs if your willing to go fakie without pedaling backward.

  • Brakes:

BMXs come with rim brakes – Disc brakes aren’t used to save weight.

  • Pegs:

Pegs are steel bars located on the rear or/and front hub. They are usefull for grinds, wheelies, cruising, or for transportation.


Like mentioned previously, cromoly is the material you should go for. Cromoly BMXs are more durable and light than steel BMXs. If you hesitate between different bikes, the amount of cromoly used should be a decisional factor.


There are 2 factors to keep in mind when choosing the size of your BMX; The top tube of the bike, and the height of the rider.

Best BMX top tube

See below a brief size chart to help you out:

  • A rider height below or equal to 3ft: 12-inches top tube
  • 3ft to 3ft 6″: 16-inches top tube
  • 3ft 4″ to 4ft 4″: 18-inches top tube
  • 4ft to 5ft 4″: 18 to a 20.25-inches top tube
  • 5ft to 6ft: 20.25 to a 21-inches top tube
  • >5ft 10″: a 21-inches tube or bigger


When choosing your BMX, try to get the lightest bike as possible. In fact, a light BMX requires fewer efforts from the rider and allows a greater learning curve. In fact, when learning BMX, many tricks are easier to learn on a light bike rather than on a heavy bike.

Again, if you’re willing to spend slightly more, go for Chromoly.

Best BMX

10 – Mongoose Legion L20

The Mongoose Legion L20 is an ideal BMX for young riders new to BMX. In fact, the Legion series ranges from L10 to L100 – 10 being a beginner and 100 being a pro.

The L20 features a Hi-Ten BMX steel frame and fork with a 25-9t BMX gearing offering a light and smooth ride.

Also, the bike comes with alloy rims and 2.3 inches tires for great rebound.

Moreover, the 4 freestyle pegs will allow you to do additional tricks and grinds.

The top tube on the L20 measures 20 inches, which is perfect for riders measuring between 4ft and 5ft.

Overall, this beginner BMX will let you enjoy different types of style, allowing you to discover and decide which one suits you the most.


  • 25-9t gearing
  • 4 freestyle pegs
  • For beginners
  • Versatile


  • Steel frame

9 – Framed Impact

The Impact from Framed is built on a Hi-ten steel frame with a top tube size of 20 inches – perfect for young riders (4ft and 5ft).

This bike features many alloy components such as the stem, 20-inches rims, brake lever, and the front and rear hubs. While the alloy stem, the Velo Mushroom grips, and 2.125 inches wide tires offer a fluid and smooth ride, the 36t sprocket takes care of maintaining effortless high speeds.

Also, with its 25 pounds and small size, the Impact is perfect for riding with friends or for commuting.

To conclude, the Framed Impact is the ideal bike for young riders wanting to experiment BMX.


  • For beginners
  • Versatile


  • Steel frame and fork

8 – SE Big Flyer

The 2018 edition of the SE Big Flyers is probably the most affordable 29 inches bike on the market thanks to SE’s research and development.

The design, size, and shape along with the rear pegs, make the SE Big Flyer the perfect BMX for wheelies!

Also, this bike will get you noticed; the 2 available color options are both very flashy, featuring colored tires.

The SE Big Fyler features a 6061 Aluminum Floval Tubing frame and fork for weight saving. The big 29 x 2.10 inch wheels and the 33t alloy SE chainring make the Big Flyer the ideal cruising bike.

Like most BMXs, the Flyer only feature rear rim brakes.

To conclude, the SE Big Flyer is the perfect bike for commuting or cruising on the seaside.

Note that the sizing on this bike is special; the 29-inch top tube is not relevant since the SE Big Flyer is very cruising oriented. Therefore, it’s perfectly suitable for smaller riders too.


  • Cruising bike
  • 29 x 2.10-inch wheels
  • 33t alloy SE chainring
  • Rear wheelie pegs
  • Weight (more or less 20 lbs)


  • Aluminum frame and fork

7 – SE Big Ripper

For all retro style lovers, The Big Ripper is perfect for you.

It comes with a 6061 Aluminum Floval Tubing frame, retro dropouts, and a Cowboy Cut Landing Gear full Cr-Mo fork.

The 33t alloy SE Racing chainring and the 29 x 2.10-inches wheels make this bike the perfect cruising or commuting BMX.

Moreover, the Big Ripper comes with rear cruising pegs which could possibly be turned into the “passenger spot”.

To conclude, the SE Big Flyer is the perfect bike for commuting or cruising on the seaside.


  • Cruising bike
  • Retro style
  • 29 x 2.10-inch wheels
  • 33t alloy SE chainring
  • Rear cruiser pegs


  • Aluminum frame and fork

6 – Framed Attack

The Attack BMX from Framed comes with premium quality and specs.

First of all, the entire frame, fork and the 3 pieces crank are 100% Chromoly. Like mentioned in the buying guide, most premium BMXs have at least a Chromoly frame; it’s more durable and resistant than steel or aluminum frames.

Also, the pedals are 9/16″ Nylon Composite.

Second of all, the unique color of the Framed Attack is incredible. If you’re the type of rider who gets quickly sick of colors, this bike is perfect for you – The color changes constantly according to the point of view and the daytime.

This bike comes with a 20.5-inches top tube which is perfect for riders measuring 5/6 ft.

Also, the rear and front tires are 20″x2.3″ and the 25t chainring guarantee and nice smooth ride.

To conclude, the Framed Attack is a premium quality BMX which is perfect for Dirt, Ramp or Street riding.


  • Chromoly frame
  • Chromoly fork
  • Color
  • 25t chainring
  • Dirt, Ramp or Street
  • Light
  • Durable


  • No pegs included

5 – Framed Team

The Team BMX by Framed comes with a Hi-Ten steel frame with 1-1/8th Hi-ten Steel fork.

The gearing of the Team makes it a good freestyle bike. In fact, the 25t steel sprocket is ideal for grind clearance. Besides, the 20-inches wheels and the 20 x 2.125-inches tires add smoothness to the ride too.

The top tube measures 20 inches, which is perfect for younger riders measuring approximately 5ft 3″.

To conclude, the Framed Team is an excellent BMX to start park or street riding as well as cruising.


  • Freestyle BMX
  • 25t steel sprocket
  • 20 x 2.125-inches tires


  • No pegs included
  • Steel frame

4 – KHE Root

If you’re looking for a freestyle BMX for your children, the KHE Root is ideal for you.

In fact, The 18-inches top tube is perfect for riders measuring between 3ft 4″ and 4ft 4″.

The bike comes with a Hi-Ten steel frame and tapered fork. Also, there 2 Affix Gyro System steel pegs at the rear which invite the rider to try tricks and do wheelies, even better, carry a passenger around.

Additionally, the 25t sprocket and the 18 x 2.0-inches tires add smoothness to overall ride.

Moreover, the bike comes with a nice matte black paint job.

To conclude, the Root from KHE is a perfect bike for young beginners.


  • for young beginners
  • 2 Affix Gyro System steel pegs
  • 25t sprocket
  • 18 x 2.0-inches tires


  • Steel frame

3 – Framed Witness

The Witness by Framed is a freestyle BMX offering premium quality components.

A strong advantage of this BMX is that its entire frame is 100% Chromoly such as the fork. This material is much lighter and durable than steel.

Also, the Witness comes with a 25x9t gearing and Innova Mimosa 20 x 2.3-inches tires to ensure a smooth and effortless ride. Moreover, the Resin Composite Platform Pedals provide a robust stand for the rider.

Additionally, the 100% Chromoly handlebars come with Velo soft rubber with fine ridge channels providing extra grip.

To conclude, the Framed Witness is a premium freestyle BMX that will offer a unique BMX experience.


  • Freestyle BMX
  • 100% Chromoly frame and fork
  • 100% Chromoly handlebars
  • 25x9t gearing
  • 20 x 2.3-inches tires


  • No pegs

2 – Redline Bikes Romp

The Romp BMX from Redline Bikes is a bike for freestyle, trails, and park.

It comes with 100% Chromoly steel 3 piece tubular cranks and frame which reduces the weight of the bike.

Also, the 8.25-inch rise on the Hi-ten steel handlebars along with the 25×9 gearing allows riders to pup wheelies everywhere at any time.

For additional comfort, the Romp comes with Redline’s monster padded saddle and ultra-thin platform pedals.

The top tube, which measures 20 inches, is perfect for riders measuring approximately 5ft 3″.

To conclude, the Romp BMX from Redline is a freestyle bike offering premium features such as Chromoly material. For an affordable price, this bike deserved to be in our selection.


  • 100% Chromoly steel 3 piece tubular cranks and frame
  • Freestyle BMX
  • 25×9 gearing
  • Monster padded saddle
  • Ultra-thin platform pedals.


  • No pegs

1 – Framed Twenty6er

The Twenty6er by Framed is the perfect cruiser!

This BMX comes with a 6061 Alloy frame and Hi-ten Steel forks with Chromoly legs.

The 26 x 2.0-inches tires along with the 32t alloy sprocket provide a smooth and effortless ride.

Moreover, the incredible feature that you’ll probably find nowhere else, is the rear disc brakes developed by Framed. In fact, the Twenty6er is the only bike of our selection featuring disc brakes.

This bike is made for cruising, the bigger wheels are more comfortable and allow more clearance but also more speed! Therefore, the rear disc brakes provide just the extra amount of bight to feel secure.

Because this bike is for cruising, the top tube’s size is also longer (23.5 inches). But no worries, smaller riders will feel perfectly comfortable on it too.

To conclude, the Twenty6er is ideal to cruise around town, on the seaside, or simply for everyday commuting.


  • Chromoly legs
  • For cruising
  • 32t alloy sprocket
  • 26 x 2.0-inches tires


  • 6061 Alloy frame
  • No pegs

We hope this comparative review helped you find the best BMX. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below or send an email at Our support team will be more than happy to discuss with you and help you find your new BMX.

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