Best Action Camera Under 100 Dollars

Do you need a 500$ action camera to film your sessions? We don’t think so! Let us help you find the best action camera under 100 dollars for you.

See below a selection of the 10 best affordable cameras you can buy. Also, find a brief buying guide describing what to expect from a good action camera.

Product Image Name Price Rating
APEMAN 1080p Action Camera$9.2/10

Crosstour Action Camera $$9.1/10

NeuTab Xtrem 4k Action Camera$8.8/10

FITFORT Action Camera $9.2/10

Andoer 4K Touchscreen Action Camera $$$$9.0/10

Action Camera WeyTy X6S $$9.3/10

Action Camera By DBPOWER$$$9.2/10

OnReal Spy Camera $$$9.0/10

YI Discovery Action Camera$$$9.1/10

DBPOWER EX5000 Action Camera$$8.9/10

Buying Guide – Action Camera

What can you expect from an action camera under 100 dollars? We’ve listed some important factors to keep in mind when choosing an action camera.


The resolution is the first information to look for when buying an action camera.

The resolution describes the quality and sharpness of an image and is usually expressed in pixels. The information provided by manufacturer usually describe the number of vertical or horizontal pixels (720p, 1080p, 4k, etc).

Best action camera under 100 resolution

Nowadays, we recommend going for 1080p or above.

Also, another factor that could determine the quality of a video, is the frames per second (fps). Cameras offering more fps provide smooth images and longlasting slow motions.

Water resistance

If the camera alone isn’t waterproof, it’s not a big deal as long as you have a waterproof box.

Action sports take place outside, and often in bad conditions. Having a waterproof camera or box extends your filming possibilities, they’re useful for surfing, skiing, snowboarding, motorcycling, or even for family vacations at the sea.


When you are skateboarding, skiing or riding a motorcycle, you can’t always hold the camera in your hand. You will reduce the quality of the image by putting your fingers in front of the lent or by moving your arm while riding.

Best action camera under 100 Accessories

This is why you need accessories such as mounts or sticks. They allow more filming possibilities and an overall better video quality.

Design and dimensions

Most action cameras or rectangular or square. This shape allows more flexibility when fixing them in different positions.

Best action camera under 100 rectangular

Some brands are now manufacturing mini action cameras that are more practical and flexible for certain situations.+

Best action camera under 100 mini camera

The important thing to keep in mind is what do you need an action camera for? Any shape or dimension is fine as long as it suits your needs.


Action cameras usually feature memory cards for storage, but they’re different types of memory cards available out there. We recommend to always go for cameras featuring an SD Card or MicroSD Card.


Connectivity features are principally made for riders sharing content on social networks. Connect your camera to your phone and you’ll be able to access and share sequences of your day.

Also, connectivity features such as mobile apps, allow you to watch the footage on your phone when screen displays aren’t integrated on the camera.


Like all batteries, action camera batteries come with different power and durability. Watts characterize the different batteries, you could also come across Watt Hours which is another way of expressing the longevity of a fully charged battery.

Instead of having several small capacity batteries, go for a more expensive battery that offers more capacity. The overall cost will remain the same and you won’t need to carry all the batteries around when riding.

Also, something you should take into consideration is the charging time, because batteries that take ages to fully charge are very annoying.

Best action camera under 100 dollars

10 – APEMAN 1080p Action Camera

The APEMAN action camera will suit all your riding sessions with professional quality videos and a user-friendly operating system.

Film your sessions with 1080p videos or capture the best views with 12MP photos and instantly track your videos and pictures on the back screen. The 170 wide angle and its 6G high-quality Sony sensor glass lens pro make your runs look even nicer.

Also, the APEMAN action camera features a built-in anti-shake system that prevents blurry videos and images during very fast runs.

Moreover, there are plenty of available accessories for this camera; mounts, fixations, and sticks. By the way, this camera comes with a waterproof case.

The battery runs for approximately 120 minutes of filming at 1080p and fully charges in 3 hours.


  • 1080p videos
  • Waterproof case
  • 170° wide angle
  • Sony sensor


  • Max 32gb class 10 micro SD card

9 – Crosstour Action Camera 

The Crosstour action camera offers a professional 4K quality videos up to 30 fps. It will take 16MP pictures thanks to the 6 layers optical glass camera lens.

Also, the 170 wide angle helps you make those professional looking videos.

Moreover, you can instantly check our videos on the back screen to see if the framing is correct.

The 2-inches LCD waterproof case will allow underwater filming up to a 30metersr depth. Also, this case will protect your camera against impacts and bad falls.

An additional feature the Crosstour offers is a 2.4GHz wireless wrist remote control that lets you have total control of your camera from your wrist.

Besides, you can download the iSmart DV App that allows you to control the camera on your phone via Wifi. The app allows you to start recording, download videos and pictures, or set the resolution.

Also, get 2 1050mAh batteries for longer runs.

This camera comes with many mounts such as Bicycle stands, helmet base, a bandage, a ribbon, 3M adhesive tape wire rope, and more.


  • 4K – 30 fps
  • Waterproof case
  • Wireless wrist remote control
  • App
  • 2 batteries
  • Accessories


  • The screen isn’t touchscreen

8 – NeuTab Xtrem 4k Action Camera

The NeuTab Xtrem 4k offer 4k high-resolution videos and 16MP pictures to capture all your favorite runs.

The 170-degree wide angle provides professional looking video while you’re monitoring the footage ob the back 2-inches LCD screen. Also, the wireless wrist remote

Besides, download the Xtrem 4k app and fully control the camera from your smartphone; start or stop recording, preview your pictures and videos.

Also, the Xtrem comes with a waterproof case that allows a diving depth of 30m, enough to capture incredible underwater footage.

The batteries will offer 90 minutes of 4k footage on a full charge.

To conclude, this camera is compatible with all the action camera accessories available on the market.


  • 4k
  • 2-inches LCD screen
  • App
  • waterproof case


  • Comes without accessories

7 – FITFORT Action Camera 

The Fitfort camera provides a perfect video quality with 4K resolution (up to 25fps) and 12MP images.

Get a professional looking video thanks to the 170-degree wide angle and check it instantly on the back screen.

Also, this camera comes with a 2.4G wireless wrist remote control that lets you start and stop recording. Besides, you can download the Ez iCam app and fully control the camera from your smartphone.

Moreover, the Fitfort comes with a waterproof case that allows a diving depth of 30m. Also, it protects the camera against impacts.

The camera is sold with 2 rechargeable 1050 mAh batteries; each one of them will approximately provide 90 minutes of recording in 4k.


  • 4K – 25 fps
  • 170-degree wide angle
  • App
  • Wireless wrist remote control
  • 2 rechargeable batteries
  • Waterproof case


  • Battery life

6 – Andoer 4K Touchscreen Action Camera 

The Andoer camera offers many features for an affordable price.

First of all, it shoots 4k videos up to 25fps and offers 16MP pictures. The 170-degree wide angle provides professional quality videos while you monitor all your footage on the 2-inches touchscreen (preview, playback, framing, or settings).

This camera allows a 4x digital zoom to capture small details in your runs.

Besides, you can download the NTK Cam app and fully control the Andoer from your smartphone.

Moreover, you also get a wireless wrist remote control that allows you to stop and start recording.

Also, the camera comes with a waterproof case that allows diving depth of 40 meters.


  • 4k – 25fps
  • 4x digital zoom
  • App
  • Wireless wrist remote control
  • Waterproof case


  • Might have to remove an insulation paste on the battery

5 – Action Camera WeyTy X6S 

Thanks to the 4k videos and the 170-degree wide angle, get the professional videos you are looking for. The WeyTy X6S also offers 16MP pictures.

Also, the camera comes with a time-lapse and slow-motion features that allow you to build amazing looking videos.

Moreover, you’re able to check everything from the back screen or download the app and fully control the camera from your smartphone.

The waterproof case lets you dive up to 30 depth and protects the camera against heavy impacts.

This package comes with 2 1350 mAh batteries and 19 accessories such as helmet bases, clips, protective door, cycling stand, adapters, safety ropes, bandages, and many more.


  • 4k – 30fps
  • Time-lapse and Slow-motion
  • Waterproof case
  • App
  • 19 accessories


  • The screen isn’t touchscreen
  • No wireless remote

4 – Action Camera By DBPOWER 

This action camera from DBPower provides everything you need for a reasonable price.

In fact, it will film 4k videos (up to 24fps) and its high-end Sony sensor offers 20MP photos.

While the 170-degree wide angle takes care of the professional look of your videos, you can monitor the footage on the back screen.

Besides, if you download the Camking app you’ll be able to fully manage the camera from your smartphone. Never get problems with framing anymore, check your phone to see if everything is set right and ride without worries.

Also, the camera offers a 5x zoom with an anti-shake feature for smooth videos even when riding a bumpy surface.

It’s not finished, check all the other modes: loop recording, motion detection, burst, diving, low light, and distortion correction.

For a little and affordable camera, the features it comes with are not cheap.

Moreover, the camera comes with all the accessories to make your ride look unique; a bicycle bracket, bandages, back clip, ribbon, helmet pedestal, switch support, and 2 additional mounts.

The waterproof case lets you shoot amazing footage underwater and it does so until a depth of 30m.


  • 4k – 24fps
  • 20MP photos
  • Variety of modes
  • Waterproof case
  • App
  • Accessories


  • The screen isn’t touchscreen

3 – OnReal Spy Camera 

The OnReal Spy is one of the smallest cameras in the world, it’s a 1.5-inch square little black camera that holds in the palm of your hand.

Even if it’s small, it shoots 1080p videos at 30fps and offers a 120-degree wide angle lens with the iPhone 5S’ sensor.

This level of quality in such a small camera offers new opportunities to film extreme sports or regular daily scenes.

Moreover, you can manage the OnReal Spy with your smartphone by downloading the camera’s app.

The camera comes with some useful functions such as gapless recording, cyclical recording or even a time-lapse mode.

Also, the 4 mounts (suction bracket, mafic stick, magnet chuck, and the hook) give additional versatility to the OnReal Spy.

Besides, it offers 75 minutes of recording at 1080p which is good considering the size of the camera.


  • 1.5-inch square
  • 1080p – 30fps
  • 4 mounts
  • App


  • Not waterproof
  • Resistance against impacts

2 – YI Discovery Action Camera

The YI Discovery lets you record in all extreme situations, with its IP68 waterproof case, the camera is also protected against strong impacts.

The YI 16MP photos YI shoots 4k videos at 20fps and with its 150-degree wide angle it provides professional looking videos. Besides, it features a Sony Image Sensor that ensures a durable quality.

Also, you can instantly look at your videos on your 2-inches touchscreen or on your smartphone by downloading the YI Action app.

Moreover, you could also control your YI with the wireless wrist remote control that allows you to stop/start recording and capture pictures.

This camera is waterproof thanks to its waterproof case that allows filming underwater up to a depth of 40m.

The YI comes with 2 rechargeable batteries for a total capacity of 120 minutes (60 minutes each) of 4k filming.

To conclude, Discovery offers many accessories with the camera; a tripod mount adapter, a bicycle stand, helmet mounts, wrist strap, a J-Hook buckle mount, and few straps


  • 4k – 20fps
  • Touchscreen
  • Wireless wrist remote control
  • App
  • Accessories
  • Waterproof case
  • 2 chargeable batteries


  • Maximum of 150-degree wide angle

1 – DBPOWER EX5000 Action Camera 

The EX5000 lets you film 1080p videos (30fps) and capture 14MP pictures. With its 170-degree wide angle, you can be sure to film all parts of your run.

The 2-inches HD LCD screen allows you to instantly review your run. Also, download the FinalCam app and fully control the camera from your smartphone. It allows you to review your videos and pictures, but also start and stop recording.

Moreover, this camera is waterproof thanks to its waterproof case which also protects the camera against heavy impacts.

The EX5000 comes with 2 rechargeable 900 mAh batteries that let you record 1080p footage for 180 minutes.

To conclude the camera comes with additional accessories such as a multi-function clip, a bicycle mount, a camera clip, a helmet mount, belts, and a wiper.


  • 1080p – 30fps
  • HD LCD screen
  • App
  • Accessories
  • Waterproof case
  • 2 chargeable batteries


  • No remote control

We hope this comparative review helped you find the best action camera under 100 dollars. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below or send an email at Our support team will be more than happy to discuss with you and help you find your new action camera.

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