“Moving harmoniously over a surface while maintaining smooth continuous contact”

At Top10Slide we share our passion for all sports that give the ability to slide. Top10Slide is the place for all motorcycle riders, skiers, snowboarders, and skateboarders looking for new gear.


Have you ever bought an expensive product that turned out to be useless for you? 

With the abundance of new products, it’s sometimes hard to choose the perfect product. Most often, we don’t need premium products but we buy them anyway. The irony is that when we would need a premium product, we buy the cheapest version to save few bucks. 

Our main focus is to help you through that process with comparative reviews. With a pre-selection of the best products, we put aside all the other products that might distract you from making a perfect choice. 

We pre-select the best products and compare them to help you pick your newest gear. 

We are focused on giving you a selection of the 10 best products. It can be more if we consider that the products are worth buying. It can be less if we consider that only 8 products are worth buying. Our selections include different brands and different prices.

The process to review the products starts with research. We gather as much valuable information as we can in stores, websites and forums. Afterward, when it’s possible, we receive or buy the products to give deep user feedbacks.

To conclude our comparative review, we rate the products on the 0/10 Top10Slide’s scale.

Public disclaimer 

We want to emphasize the fact that all our product reviews are based on our opinion. Like mentioned previously, we base our opinion and ratings on research and user reviews. Our rating scale is based on factors such as quality, price, practicality, etc… 

Since we don’t own or produce any of the products we review, we don’t take responsibility for any eventual problem with the products (manufacturing errors, unsatisfactory experience).

At top10Slide, we only help you choose your newest gear through our reviews.


If you have any questions or comment please contact our support team at We will be more than happy to help you or discuss with you.